1 Version 02/18 Price per piece, ex works. Our general conditions apply. For articles marked with the conditions for machines apply. This device is designed for fixing a drill rig on pipes with an external diameter up to Ø630 mm with few acts and without fastenings. On larger pipes this drilling system can be fastened with two included tension belts. PIPEDRILL PD500 The complete system consists of: -- Device PipeDrill PD500 -- 2 tension belts -- Drill rig B25PD or B-25 incl. carriage and motor adapter -- Drill motor BDK-33 -- Mounting on all pipes with external diameter up to Ø630 mm without utilities and fastenings -- Option for fixation with tension belts -- Problem-free handling by one person -- Compact transport dimensions -- Inclined drilling up to 60° possible -- Transforming from pipe drill into a normal drill rig in a few minutes (optional with drill rig B-25) -- Adaptor for STIHL gasoline drilling engines available Dr. Schulze GmbH Head Office Bollenberg 10, D-57234 Wilnsdorf Tel. +49 (0) 27 37 59 53-0 www.dr-schulze.de | info@dr-schulze.de www.drs-floor.com www.schulze.pl | centrala@schulze.pl www.dr-schulze.ru | schulze@inbox.ru Drill rig system for stone pipes 1 1 SPECIAL PRICE FOR MARKET INTRODUCTION PipeDrill500 + Drill rig B-25PD 1.690 € instead of 2.150 € (valid as long as stock lasts) NEW PRICE PIPEDRILL PD500