Wire saws

SWS 83

Robust and easily transportable and robust storage wire saw for small and medium-sized cuts up to 3 m² (rope shortening in the machine approx. 6.3 m).

Easily transportable, robust storage wire saw for cuts up to appr. 3 m2 (wire shortening in the machines up to 6,3 m).


Mobile and handy rope press DRS-B1300-C of the new generation. Operated with a rechargeable battery and for pressing different diamond cables.

Dr. Schulze GmbH presents the new generation of diamond wire pressing tools: The rechargeable wire press DRS-B1300-C - we have your security at heart.


Different rope connectors for different applications, including press, screw, joint and solder closures with diamonds for many applications and uses.

Diamond wire connector with press connection, connection with thread, link connection or solder connection with diamond coating.

  • Press connection 18 mm

  • Connection with thread M6 set (connected or not connected to wire)

  • Link connection 27 mm (connected or not connected to wire)

  • Solder connection with diamond


The hydraulic pressing tool HT45 is ideally suited for pressing diamond saw cables up to a cross-section of 150 mm² for great results on the construction.

Hydraulic pressing tool to press diamond wire up to a cross-section of 150 mm².

  • Max. cross-section: 150 mm2

  • Max. press capacity: 50 kN

  • Working pressure: 600 bar

  • Length: 346 mm

  • Weight: 2 kg


Gray protective hood made of metal for use with wire saws to prevent wire leaks in the event of wire breaks. Three stackable hoods are included.

Universal protection cover set for wire saws avoids uncontrolled escape of wire in case of accidental tearing. Set consists of 3 nestable aluminum covers.

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