Hydraulic wall saw SW800

Heavy duty full hydraulic swivel arm wall saw with automatic feeding and lowering conctrol system and self-adjustable roller guides for cutting depths up to 710 mm with blades up to Ø1600 mm

Green fully hydraulic swivel arm wall saw SW800 with automatic feed and lowering for cuts up to 710 mm depth with cutting discs up to Ø1600 mm.


Ø saw blade


800 - 1600


HD19 (für 800-1000mm)

HD 31 (für 1200-1600mm)

HD30/19 (für 800-1600mm)

cutting depth



flush cut holes

6 x M8

TK 110 mm

starting saw blade Ø






hydraulic power pack A23-M

22 kW / 240 bar / 0-55 L/min / 126 kg

weight motor


5 (HD19)

weight saw head



  • automatic feeding and lowering system optimizes the performance and adjusts the cutting speed according to the conditions of the cutting process

  • self-adjustable roller guide system renders the adjusting of the rollers on the rail unneccessary (new and old rails can be used together)

  • swivel arm rotates 360°

  • quick release system for hydraulic and electric motors

  • single gear hydraulic motor HD19 (for Ø800-1000 mm) standard

  • double gear hydraulic motor HD30/19 (for Ø800-1600 mm, optional) provides also for the big sized cutting blades the meximum power and the maximum torque without any losses

  • made of high strength aluminum alloy

  • water cooling via flange

  • very easy to maintain and to repair


Set consists of:

  • 1 sawing head SW800 with motor HD19

  • 1 hydraulic power pack A23-M bzw. A23-RC

  • 1 hose set (6 hydraulic hoses)

  • 1 water hose 10m

  • 1 rail 2,0 m

  • 1 rail 1,0 m

  • 4 mounting bracket for rail

  • 2 stopper for rail's end

  • 1 blade guard GT800, closed, divisible

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