Gasoline floor saws

Joint chaser DCS-200

The mobile bevel cutter DCS-200 is one of the modern gasoline-powered floor saws, the handiness and operation can be seen in the photo on the construction.

The new DCS-200 from Dr.Schulze due to its highest flexibility and wide range of accessoires is optimally suitable for all repairing works on old concrete floors as well as for construction of the new joints.

FS-350 ECO-B

The petrol floor saw FS-350 ECO-B impresses with its lightness and compactness, which are immediately visible on this product image from production.

New light and compact floor saw with an gasoline drive (Honda GX270 / 8,4 hp) for cutting asphalt or concrete up to 115 mm depth.

FS-500 B-SA

The new petrol floor saw FS-500 B-SA with a powerful engine immediately impresses with its appearance and functional working methods for the construction.

The swivel arm concept of the FS-500 B-SA ensures constantly low center of the gravity at any cutting depth, which leads to improved stability of the machine and enables faster and more accurate cuts comparing to conventional joint cutters.

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