Accessories for drill machines

Other accessories are available on request

Various gray and metallic objects as accessories for Dr. Schulze GmbH machines and tools. Safe working on the construction site is guaranteed.
  • anchor bolt M12, type Rawel

  • standard anchor bolt M12 (Ø 16 mm)

  • heavy load anchor (many designs)

  • Set FDBB consists of spindle-bolt

  • FDBB, big screw nut and 25 pieces anchor bolt FDBB 16/50 anchor bolt FDBB 16/50 (25 pcs.)

  • dowel tool M12

  • thread rod M12 with hexagon nut M30

  • thread rod M12 with big screw nut

  • shear pins Milwaukee (100 pcs)

  • shear pins FEIN (100 pcs)

  • copper rings (100 pcs)

Core Drilling
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