Grinding Plates DRS-3DP-C20…120

Evolution of our proven DRS-2DS-C20... 120 grinding plates with a new design and many technical advantages:

Schleifplatten DRS-3DP-C20…120
  • significantly higher removal performance compared to DRS-2DS tools

  • no blunting on hard soils

  • optimal pressure distribution on 3 grinding segments for uniform grinding pattern

  • effective and fast clearing of the grinding dust

  • much faster sharpening within the first few meters

  • more stable support on the floor, thus less machine vibrations

  • same version for left- and right-turning machines

  • no dependence on the direction of rotation of multi-disc machines

  • less sensitive to collisions with edges and corners on the ground

  • Segment height 12 mm

  • DRS-LOCK mounting system

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