CT43+ / Cleaning and polishing machine

High-torque single-disc machine with a working width of 410 mm and a robust, maintenance-free drive system for exceptionally smooth running, long service life and optimum performance

  • optimally suitable for various dry and wet cleaning work as well as for dispersion of DRS-FLOOR concrete treatment in concrete floors

  • maintenance-free and robust transmission

  • ergonomically height adjustable handle with hand protection

  • tool change without additional tools

  • lond 12 m connection cable with kink protection

  • extensive accessories included

  • for processing of wood, stone, tile, carpet and concrete floors

Included with delivery:

  • water tank

  • standard PAD-drive plate Ø380 mm (for PADs up to Ø410 mm)

  • scrub brush Ø410 mm (medium hard; PPN 0,75 mm)

  • scrub brush Ø410 mm (weich; PPN 0,45 mm)

  • removable weight 14 kg

  • connection cable 12 mm with kink protection

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