DBS-300 Vario

This innovative grinding machine is optimally suited for the effective processing of small and medium sized areas as well as for corner processing along the walls

DBS-300 Vario


4.0 kW / 230 V / 16 A

grinding width



number of grinding heads / grinding tools


1 / 4

Ø-vacuum cleaner connection



rotation speed



dimensions LxWxH






transport weight


56 + 77

  • stepless height adjustment of the handle

  • comfortable control panel with all main functions, LED display and emergency stop button

  • integrated water tank with control valve for wet grinding

  • brush seal and large dimensioned industrial vacuum cleaner connection for dust-free operation

  • LED lighting of the working area for comfortable operation

Due to its continuously variable grinding speed through an integrated frequency converter, the DBS-300 Vario can be used with all types of grinding tools: PCD milling tools, metal bonded grinding shoes and resin bonded polishing pads.

  • grinding head swivels to the both sides and allows almost borderless grinding along the walls

  • flexibly mounted dust protection cover with removable front segment and two support rollers ensures dust-free operation

  • electrical grinding head height adjustment for modulation of the grinding angle

  • depending on the adjusted height of the grinding head, the machine‘s balance changes and pulls the grinding head to left or right, so that the grinding tools come even closer to the wall

  • integrated frequency converter for stepless adjustment of the grinding speed allows optimal use of various grinding tools

  • can be dismantled in 2 parts (56 and 77 kg) within minutes for easy transport on construction sites without elevator or crane

  • LED display with digital amperemeter for control of the operating status and for avoiding of overloads

  • flexible cardan mounted tool holder reduces vibrations and compensates floor unevenesses

  • foldable handle for easy and comfortable transport

  • DRS-LOCK - tool free fastening system for all PCD, DRS-2DS and resin bonded tools (ShineMaster, HybridMaster, CeramMaster)

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