Rapid Refloor XP
  • Rapid set set structural concrete repair product.

  • Rapid Refloor XP is a two component, 100% solids structural polyurethane/polyurea hybrid.

  • Rapid Refloor was developed to repair wide range of surface defects, in industrial polished concrete floors including surface spalls, pop-outs, surface pitting, bolt-holes, random cracks and more.

  • Rapid Repfloor XP can be mixed with aggregate to extend yield and provide better blended repairs.

  • permanent, durable structural concrete repair in minutes

  • ready for traffic in 60-120 minutes

  • low viscosity allows for penetration into cracks as narrow as 0,016 mm

  • unlike many low viscosity structural repair products, Rapid Refloor is virtually odorless

  • available in colorfast colors

  • when used as grouting product, Rapid Refloor XP can enhance floor surface continuity and gloss

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