Technical Informations and Safety Instructions

FEPA-Sicherheitsempfehlungen - Safety Recommendations

 Safety Leaflet GERMAN (PDF, 510 KB)

 Safety Leaflet ENGLISH (PDF, 120 KB)

 Safety Leaflet FRENCH (PDF, 120 KB)

 Safety Leaflet RUSSIAN (PDF, 220 KB)

 Safety Leaflet CZECH (PDF, 160 KB)

 Safety Leaflet ITALIEN (PDF, 160 KB)

 Safety Leaflet PORTUGUESE (PDF, 120 KB)

 Safety Leaflet SWEDISH (PDF, 120 KB)

 Safety Leaflet HUNGARIAN (PDF, 140 KB)

Sicherheitshinweise - Safety Instructions - Consignes de Securites

 Sicherheitshinweise GERMAN (PDF, 150 KB)

 Safety Instructions ENGLISH (PDF, 230 KB)

 Consignes de Securites FRENCH (PDF, 230 KB)

 Техника безопасности RUSSIAN (PDF, 260 KB)

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