The history of Dr. Schulze GmbH - 30 years of quality

The company history of the Dr. Schulze GmbH started in 1981, as Dr. Reiner Schulze, later founder of the company, published scientific and practical investigations in the subject of cutting of hard minerals within the scope of his dissertation at the University of Hannover. As a result of his experience, extensive technical knowledge and his vision of a comprehensive, customer-oriented service in the field of diamond technology, he founded the company Dr. Schulze in Wilnsdorf, North Rhine-Westphalia. Since 1986, the company has been operating as a LTD (GmbH).

Thanks to its flexibility, expertise and the permanent adaptation of products to customer needs, the company rapidly grew from its small older manufacturing premises with only a few employees into a modern manufacturing production facility offering a complete range of diamond tools for the construction industry, building materials industry and for the processing of natural stone.

Expansion of Dr. Schulze GmbH

In order to keep up with the rapidly growing sales, a new production facility was constructed in Lueneburg in 1989, where an almost fully automated high volume production for diamond segments and production lines for laser-welded tools were commissioned.

The takeover of a manufacturing plant in Gommern (near Magdeburg in the former GDR) for special mining tools strengthened our position in the eastern part of Germany and ensured a further expansion of our range. The company achieved the highest level of manufacturing flexibility through the installation of a complete production line for steel cores (bodies for diamond cutting blades). This enabled us to supply nearly any special specification of diamond tools according to individual customer demands within shortest period of time.

Production of Dr. Schulze machines

Beginning from 1994 the comprehensive diamond tool range was extended by the first machines from our own production, so that we could offer our customers a complete solution in diamond technology. Since that time our range of machines has been continuously expanded and improved.

Our mechanical engineering competence was strenghthened once again in 2002 by acquiring the Meissner Maschinenbau GmbH, which was located near Cologne and had been well known as an expert manufacturer of high quality machines for particulary demanding cutting and drilling applications since 1979.

Thanks to a wide product range of Meissner machines, as well as the unique "Kombi system", which combines standard components to nearly any gadget for challenging cutting and drilling jobs, our company can serve customers with solutions for their individual problems.

High-quality machines in different versions on a black price sheet, high-resolution representation in green tones for tillage and restoration.
High-quality machines in different versions on a black price sheet, high-resolution representation in green tones for tillage and restoration.
Red machine series from Dr. Schulze GmbH arranged in a circle on a black price sheet called Kombi-System Meissner for various purposes like floor tillage.

Dr. Schulze International

Simultaneously with the strengthening of our positions on the national German market and the enlarging of the manufacturing capacities, a permanent increase of our overseas business took place. The share of our export sales increased rapidly and has now reached more than 70%, which proves the worldwide acceptance of our products. With over 30 representations around the world, our company is able to offer sales and services stations to our overseas customers near their place of operation.

Exterior view of the green and white, large and multi-storey building with glass front and row of trees by the international Dr. Schulze GmbH.

New factory and logistics center near Berlin

New production center with a hall near Berlin, large and gray production hall and shades of green including many windows and the latest technology.

Due to the steady growth of the export share as well as the limited expansion possibilities at the existing locations, the decision to build a new production site and logistics center on a 20.000 m² plot lying directly at the A2 motorway, about one hour drive from Berlin, was taken in 2009. The new production facility "Theessen", named after the nearest village, was completed in 2011 and started production of diamond tools in the same year. In order to keep the newest manufacturing level, almost all of the new plant's production equipment was purchased from the leading suppliers, including complete production lines for diamond wire and vacuum-brazed tools for special applications.

In order to consolidate our production capacities and to optimize logistics routes, the production sites of Gommern and Lueneburg were relocated to the new plant in Theessen and closed at the old locations in 2012 respectively 2017.

DRS-FLOOR - efficient flooring solutions

Since 2013 the new plant also serves as the DRS-FLOOR competence center, where our customers can get all the information about our range of machines and tools for floor processing. In addition to the extensive show room, large areas for testing and demonstration of machines and tools are available. Since 2014 our special flooring seminars, called DRS-FLOOR CAMP, are held at the factory in Theessen for our customers from all over the world.

To underline our expertise in the field of floor processing, we launched a dedicated Website in 2016: WWW.DRS-FLOOR.COM

Commitment to European production of machines

In 2015 a new production site of the Dr. Schulze Group was established in the UNESCO City of Kromeriz, on the Basis of a local factory, that has been producing construction equipment for the last 10 years. This new Dr. Schulze factory is exclusively specialized in the production of machines for construction business.

Our extensive investments in plant technology (i.a. fully automatic welding robots, CNC metal processing machines, powder coating equipment etc.) currently enable our Czech factory to thoroughly develop, design, manufacture completely in-house from the first welded joint to the final assembling step and distribute to our customers around the world the following machines:

- floor saws with electric and gasoline drive

- shot blasters and air cleaning systems

- scarifiers and special floor cutting and milling machines

- floor grinding and polishing machines

- a wide range of stone saws

- band saws

- special equipment on customer's individual demand.

Due to the flexible and extensive vertical range of manufacturing, we are able to offer OEM versions and customer-specific solutions for all kind of construction equipment at any time. Our expertise and experience in diamond tooling help us design and produce user-friendly, safe and reliable machines.

Several construction machines in green with silver elements on a red display table, gray floor and blue leg tables can be seen with high quality..
Close-up of a large number of silver-colored iron-containing machine components lined up in several rows for a better and more precise representation.

Your safety is important for us!

As a renowned manufacturer of diamond tools and machines, Dr. Schulze GmbH is committed to safety for the whole industry. Thus Dr. Schulze GmbH was one of the initiators and founding members of oSa (Organization for the Safety of Abrasives) – a worldwide organisation for the safety of abrasive equipment.

Furthermore, the company is a member of FEPA (Federation of European Producers of Abrasives), VDMA (Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e.V. – German Association of Machinery and Industrial Equipment Manufacturers), VDS (Verband der Deutschen Schleifmittelwerke e.V. - German Abrasives Association), FBS (Fachverband Betonbohren und –Sägen Deutschland e.V. - German national association of contractors), IACDS (International Association of Concrete Drillers & Sawers) and an active participant in many workgroups which are concerned with questions of safety.

This commitment allows us at all times to remain completely up to date in terms of standards, quality assurance, and innovations, so that we can offer our customers products which are not only of top quality, but which are above all safe.

Security is important which is why the Dr. Schulze GmbH has now been part of various organizations for ensuring this for several years and the future.

Thanks to our experience, proximity to our customers and superior flexibility, Dr. Schulze GmbH celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2014 as one of the leading German manufacturers of diamond tools and machines for construction, building material industry and natural stone processing with a team of more than 100, with 3 own production plants (two in Germany, one in Czech Republic), with a worldwide network of representations and with an image of a professional partner for all questions related to the diamond technology.

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