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Universal cleaning and polishing machine CT43+ High-torque single-disc machine with a working width of 410 mm and a robust, maintenance-free drive system for exceptionally smooth running, long service life and optimum performance. Optimally suitable for various dry and wet cleaning work as well as for dispersion of DRS-FLOOR concrete treatment in concrete floors. DBB-700 / BURNISHER High-speed polishing machine 7,5 kW / 400 V with stepless adjustable rotation speed of up to 2500 min-1 for extreme daily outputs of polishing and increasing of gloss as well as for thermal treatment of impregnated concrete - powerful 7,5 kW / 400 V Motor - height-adjustable handle - automatic tensioning system of the V-belt drive - high quality frequency converter for rotation speed adjustment 0-2500 min-1 - extreme daily output due to the large working width and high engine power - polishing of large surfaces with diamond-impregnated DRS-HiSpeed-PADs - priming and increasing of effectiveness of DRS-FLOOR® lithium-based concrete treatments - improvement of DRS-FLOOR® concrete hardness and wear resistance due to thermal treatment of the surface - surface gloss improvement Applications POLISHING MACHINES INCLUDED WITH DELIVERY: - water tank - standard PAD-drive plate Ø380 mm (for PADs up to Ø410 mm) - scrub brush Ø410 mm (medium hard; PPN 0,75 mm) - scrub brush Ø410 mm (soft; PPN 0,45 mm) - removable weight (14 kg) - connection cable (12 m with kink protection) - maintenance-free and robust transmission - ergonomically height adjustable handle with hand protection - tool change without additional tools - long 12 m connection cable with kink protection - extensive accessories included - for processing of wood, stone, tile, carpet and concrete floors CT43+ DBB-700 Motor 1,8 kW / 230 V 7,5 kW / 400 V Grinding width [mm] 380-430 700 Rotation speed [min-1] 168 0 - 2500 Ø-vacuum connection [mm] - 50 Weight [kg] 45 + 14 160 Price [€] 1.280,00 5.990,00 PAD-drive plate Ø410 mm with Dom-increase (for PADs up to Ø430 mm) 98,00 - Recommended tools DRS-Clean-N-PAD DRS-Clean-S-PAD DRS-Clean-S-PAD DRS-HiSpeed-PAD Price per piece, ex works. Our general conditions are valid. For articles marked with the conditions for machines are valid. 86