PL 2021 Dry Cutting

2 Price per piece, ex works. Our general conditions are valid. For articles marked with the conditions for machines are valid. 2 HIGH-FREQUENCY HAND SAWS - extremely lightweight (only 9,4 kg) - simple and fast cutting blade change due to bayonet lock on blade guard - bypass system with ball valve for dry cutting and simultaneously water cooling of the motor - steplessly adjustable blade guard - integrated cooling water channel trough the spindle with easily accessible regulating valve - - extreme cutting depth of 300 mm - with a tool diameter of Ø400 mm - allows complete wall transection from one side - tool-free diamond ring replacement - integrated water circuit with easily accessible regulating valve - for cutting with water cooling of the tool only - - - ideal for small openings, cuttings close to the wall and very deep cuts - the best solution for corner cuts - overcut can be completely avoided - wide range of accessories (chain wheels, bars and chains) are available on request for various applications (not included in the scope of delivery) - two new innovative PowerBoxes DRS-FU6C and DRS-FU6D - confortable transport weight (only 6,4 kg) - compatible with all three machines of the series (blade saw, chainsaw, ring saw) - autodetection of the connected machine with adjustment of corresponding parameters - bluetooth interface for diagnostics, service messages and software updates - compatible with innovative service app (for Android devices) - DRS-FU6D with foil keyboard and LC display with various status information and a lot of various individual settings - DRS-FU6C with LED status indicator of operating condition - adapter cable for connection to 230 volts of network included POWER BOXES DRS-FU6C & DRS-FU6D CHAIN SAW DRS-KS400 The new, innovative series of high-frequency hand saws consists of a blade saw DRS-TS400 (cutting blade Ø400 mm), a chain saw DRS-KS400 and a ring saw DRS-RS400. All three machines can be operated via universal PowerBoxes DRS-FU6C and DRS-FU6D on a 230 or 400 Volt power line. General technical features: - rated power 3,7 kW at 230 Volt and 6,5 kW at 400 Volt - automatic detection of the main voltage: 230 Volt (single-phase) or 400 Volt (three-phase) - integrated power electronics protect the motor against overload and insufficient cooling - universal water-cooled frequency converter (Poxer Box) for all three devices of the series - continuously adjustable and ergonomically positioned handle BLADE SAW DRS-TS400 RING SAW DRS-RS400 OVERVIEW DRS-FU6C DRS-FU6D NEW NEW NEW