PL 2022 08 DRS-FLOOR

5 Price per piece, ex works. Our general conditions are valid. For articles marked with the conditions for machines are valid. For visualization of different design options we offer a variety of different specimens, which differ by the following characteristics: For testing of compressive strength of concrete and consisting of a spring-loaded pin, which hits with defined and constant impact energy on the concrete surface. The indicated rebound number can be converted by using a correlation table into the compressive strength of the concrete. For testing of gloss level for various surfaces. The battery-powered device is simply to be put on the surface and the gloss number can be read immediately on the illuminated display. - materials (concrete, screeds) - various grinding and polishing processes - stage of aggregate‘s exposing grade - different treatments with DRS-FLOOR® concrete care products - improvement of the surface quality by pore filling - surface colouring Various specifications, customized specimens and prices on request. - non destructive testing - can be used in accordance to following norms: ASTM C805, EN 12504-2, BS 1881:202, DIN 1048, ISO 8045, NFP18-417, UNI 9189 - statement about the concrete strength within a few seconds - mobile applicable - scope of delivery: case, grinding stone, calibration certificate, instruction manual - fully automatic measurement in seconds - long battery life - integrated calibration mode - illuminated, easy-to-read display - can be used for different materials (stone, metal, paper, wood, paints etc.) - scope of delivery: case, two calibration specimens, electric charger DRS-FLOOR® Concrete specimens 10x10 cm Mechanical concrete test hammer MBPH Automatic gloss meter AGM Concrete test hammer MBPH Impact energy [Nm] 2207 Measuring range [MPa] ≈ 20-70 Weight [kg] 1,5 Price [€] 890,00 Gloss meter AGM Display range 0-199 Measuring surface [mm] 9x18 Weight [kg] 0,2 Price [€] 780,00 TESTING EQUIPMENT AND TOOLS