PL 2022 08 DRS-FLOOR

25 Price per piece, ex works. Our general conditions are valid. For articles marked with the conditions for machines are valid. Separator Typhoon S / Typhoon L The separators Typhoon S / Typhoon L with LONGOPAC dust collection and disposal system can be installed between any DRS vacuum cleaner and grinding machine in order to increase the collection capacity and to improve the disposal of the collected materials. The LONGOPAC bagging system is especially suitable for all applications comprising the collection and disposal of hazardous and toxic materials (solid and dusty), which can be dangerous for the operators and therefore need to be disposed with higher safety, preventing their diffusion in the working environment and any contact with people. - to be installed between vacuum cleaner and floor grinder - increase the life of the filter essentially - reduces the self-costs of dust collection - LONGOPAC: completely dust-free collection and disposal of any kind of dust - increase the dust collection capacity - easy to clean - including all necessary accessories and hose Typhoon S Typhoon L Diameter hose connections [mm] 70 80 / 70 Recommended for use with S23/360 M S35/540 M S35/540 M S35/540 A S55/550 A Hose Ø70 mm included [m] 3 3 Length [mm] 620 770 Width [mm] 530 630 Height [mm] 1200 1420 Weight [kg] 40 63 Price [€] 1.390,00 1.810,00 Spare LONGOPAC cartridges (4 pcs.) [€] 140,00 140,00 Typhoon L Typhoon S DUST SEPARATORS