PL 2022 08 DRS-FLOOR

23 Price per piece, ex works. Our general conditions are valid. For articles marked with the conditions for machines are valid. GENERAL TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION: - conversion from the milling drum to diamond blades within a few minutes - height-adjustable handle with vibration damping for fatigue-free working - feed drive via an electro-hydraulic variator with separate electric motor - automatic star-delta start with phase monitoring - comfortable cutting depth adjustment via easily accessible hand wheel - LED lighting of the working area for comfortable operation - industrial vacuum connection with Ø80 or Ø100 mm for dust-free operation - comfortable and fast tool replacement - powder coated components for a long service life Due to conversion of the DBF-380 for cutting with diamond blades concrete layers of larger thicknesses can be removed economically and quickly Cutting width up to 380 mm!!! Cutting depth up to 30 mm!!! DBF-380 TWO-IN-ONE Double drum floor milling machine DBF-250-TWIN Innovative and extremely powerful floor milling machine with 15 kW electric motor, electro- hydraulic feed drive (stepless adjustable speed forwards/backwards), height-adjustable handle and quick-lowering mechanism. Due to its enormous power, this machine is particularly suitable for difficult milling jobs on hard concrete floors as well as for large-scaled projects. Strong design of all machine‘s components ensure long life and highest reliability even under the most demanding working conditions. DUAL FUNCTION: - milling with carbide drum of 350 mm width - cutting with up to 80 diamond blades up to 380 mm total width and up to 30 mm cutting depth!!! Working sequence for removing centimeter thick concrete layers: - cutting with a set of diamond blades, assembled with about 10 mm distance between them - milling of remaining concrete bars with carbide drum cross to the cutting direction of the diamond blades - for larger removal depths these steps can be repeated several times Each of the two drums of this innovative milling machine is driven by one powerful motor 4,6 kW/400 V. Two opposite rotating drums ensure not only a double removal performance, but also increase the effectiveness of the dust extraction. With the peeling wheels SR-57/19 mounted on the first drum and with millings tools HM6-57/6 mounted on the second drum, the machine can remove a coating, clean the surface and prepare it for re-coating in only one single operation. The integrated electro-hydraulic feed motion system ensures easy operation and extremely high daily production rates. Due to its long wheel base DBF-250-Twin is optimal suitable for levelling of uneven surfaces. SM-TS-280-B / SM-TS-280-BW / SM-TS-280-BWW - special saw blade Ø280 mm for DBF-380 - power P 10 - 20 kW - special triangle bore - segment height 10 mm - concrete, coatings - SM-TS-280-B improved tool-life for soft concrete - SM-TS-280-BW faster cutting speed in hard concrete - SM-TS-280-BWW soft bond for extremely hard concrete floors Price [€] SM-TS-280-B / BW / BWW 136,00 SM-TS-280-B28 / BW28 / BWW28 (Set with 28 pcs.) 3.808,00 FLOOR MILLING MACHINES / SCARIFIERS NOW REQUEST THE SPECIAL CATALOG FOR DBF-380!