PL 2022 08 DRS-FLOOR

15 Price per piece, ex works. Our general conditions are valid. For articles marked with the conditions for machines are valid. Applications Product-Highlights Industrial floor renovation / refurbishment: - quick exposing of aggregate - removal of old coatings - roughening for recoating - leveling Road construction / infrastructure: - add non-slip texture to roads, pavements and public areas - renovate, level and texture weathered surfaces Architecture - achieve high grip surface with “shot blasted” appearance - dust and splash-proof housing - optimally matched sealing elements - optimized carbide picks design - fully protected ball bearing - compatible with most floor grinders - create uniform textured surface without grooves or tramlines - makes your grinding machine to all-in-one solution DRS-MILL Tool diameter [mm] 45 Compatible with DBS-520-3H DBS-620-4H DBS-820-3H DBS-820-4H Price DRS-MILL milling head (1 pcs.) [€] 144,00 Price of conversion kit for grinding machines1 DBS-520-3H [€] 890,00 DBS-620-4H [€] 490,00 DBS-820-3H [€] 540,00 DBS-820-4H [€] 690,00 1 without DRS-MILL heads DRS-MILL - the most efficient and non-destructive way of material removal DRS-MILL: INNOVATIVE FLOOR MILLING TECHNOLOGY