PL 2022 08 DRS-FLOOR

13 Price per piece, ex works. Our general conditions are valid. For articles marked with the conditions for machines are valid. General technical features General technical features General technical features DRS-250-20DS-C40 DRS-250-20DS-A40 DRS-250-PCD for hard concrete for abrasive concrete and screeds - DRS-250-20DS-C40/A40 with 20 high- performance diamond segments 40x10x10 mm - DRS-250-PCD with 10 high-strength semi- circular PCD picks and 10 support segments 40x10x6 mm - adapted segment specification for optimal performance - DRS-250-20DS-C40/A40 can be used for smooth removal of coatings up to 2-3 mm - DRS-250-PCD for effective removal of thicker coatings - compatible with most common grinders Ø250 mm - optimally designed for our DBS-250 floor grinder Price [€] DRS-250-20DS-C40 290,00 DRS-250-20DS-A40 290,00 DRS-250-PCD 384,00 DBS-400 DBS-250 Powerful, robust and simple in use single disc machine for grinding of miscellaneous surfaces. Suitable for grinding of terrazzo and concrete as well as for removing epoxy adhesives, paints and pollutions. Also suitable for wet grinding. for effective removal of coatings Light, handy and powerful grinding machine with 230V power connection for wet and dry grinding of various stone floors. - easy to operate - dust extraction outlet for dust-free processing - with water connection for wet grinding - exceeding grinding performance - powder-coated components - incl. grinding base plate for mounting of 3 or 6 diamond or PCD tools - DRS-LOCK fixing system for grinding tools (3 or 6 DRS-LOCK grinding tools) DBS-250 DBS-400 Grinding width [mm] 250 400 Motor 2,2 kW, 230 V 4 kW, 400 V Rotation speed [min-1] 1410 1070 Ø-vacuum connection [mm] 50 70 Length [mm] 800 1350 Width machine / handle [mm] 420 410/730 Height [mm] 860 1000 Weight [kg] 60 100 Price incl. diamond tool set1 [€] 1690,001 2.990,002 Velcro holder for fixation of polishing PADs [€] 160,00 - 1 4 pcs. diamond grinding tools 2DS-U..X 2 3 pcs. diamond grinding tools DRS-2DS or DRS-3DP - elastic tool fixing system for reduction of vibrations and compensation of ground unevennesses - excentric adjustment system for setting of grinding angle - integrated spirit level for precise leveling - foldable handle for transport - stepless adjustment of the handle‘s working height - easily reachable emergency stop button - tiltable grinding head for grinding close to the walls - removable protection cover for grinding in corners - water connection for wet grinding - brush seal ring and large vacuum cleaner connection for dust-free grinding - DRS-LOCK fixing system for grinding tools (4 DRS-LOCK grinding tools) DRS-LOCK fixing system for grinding tools DRS-LOCK fixing system for grinding tools rotatable grinding head for grinding in corners for effective grinding and roughening of concrete SINGLE-DISC GRINDING MACHINES DRS-250-20DS-C40 DRS-250-PCD DRS-250-20DS-A40