PL 2022 02 Core Drilling

5 DRILL STANDS FOR PROFESSIONALS - easy installation within seconds via quick release adaptor and tension spring - high feed force - integrated coupling for manual and automatic operation - insulation class IP55 - exact drilling depth adjustable by stopper - automatic switch off when drill through or exceed vibrations - variable limit of 90% or 70% of the engine power selectable while coring Price per piece, ex works. Our general conditions apply. For articles marked with the conditions for machines apply. Drill-50 Drill-35 V S PV PS EV ES S V ES EV max. drilling diameter 1 [mm] 350 / 500 2 350 / 500 2 350 / 500 2 300 / 350 2 300 / 350 2 inclined drilling up to [°] 45 45 - over 45 over 45 total travel [mm] 630 630 630 580 580 length [mm] 425 475 425 475 425 475 width [mm] 280 387 280 387 280 387 height [mm] 1030 1030 1030 950 950 weight [kg] 21,0 22,5 20,5 22,0 19,0 20,5 14,5 13,0 13,5 11,5 vacuum foot plate X X X X X welded steel foot plate X X X X X inclining drilling X X X X X X X X column support X X X X X X X X strengthened stainless steel column X X 2 speed gearbox with fine feeding X X pivot overturn support X X X X X X transport wheels X X X X X X X X Price incl. quick release motor plate [€] 1.738,00 4 1.770,00 4 1.520,00 4 1.550,00 4 1.240,00 4 1.298,00 4 1.434,00 1.326,00 1.300,00 1.124,00 vacuum adapter, seal ring [€] 144,00 - 144,00 - 144,00 - - 144,00 - 144,00 Spacer up to Ø350 mm [€] 84,00 84,00 Spacer up to Ø500 mm [€] 156,00 156,00 156,00 quick release motor plate 3 [€] 206,00 206,00 206,00 1 The max. drilling diameter applies to BDK drill motors. 2 with spacer 3 for BDK drill motors 4incl. Adaptor configuration Drill35V Drill-50 V Drill35ES Drill-50 ES DRILL-50 SERIES AUTOMATIC DRILL FEED MOTION BA-50 FOR DRILL-50 DRILL-35 SERIES Variable and extremely rigid drill rig system with stainless steel column for powerful drill motors and drilling diameters up to Ø500 mm for fully automatic control of the drilling speed in reinforced concrete. The BA-50 is designed for use with prepared SR motors (BDK 25-BA, BDK 38-BA, BDK 65-BA and BDK 68-BA), which are equipped with regulation electronics and a power source for the BA-50 feed motion. Therefore the feed motion is connected with the SR-motor by only one single cable with quick coupling. Mount the BA-50 feed motion via quick connector on the drill rig, move the core drill bit some millimeters above the concrete surface, activate the coupling of the BA-50, press the motor start button for 2 seconds – the BA-50 already carries your job and you can manage other tasks or just relax for some minutes! Professional drill rig with roller guide system of excellent stability. With only 13 kg extremely lightweight! Available in 4 different versions - optionally with compact steel base or aluminium vacuum plate! - rigid and torsion resistant carriage housing - low-maintenance sliding guide system for smooth- running and free of clearance feeding - column, support, leveling screws, turnstile and essential fastening elements made of stainless steel - carriage housing, vacuum plate, head plate and cross bars made of corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy - extremely strong roller guide system with stainless steel rollers and guide rails for precise and smooth-running feed (only Drill-35S, 35V) - maintenance-free plastic roller guide system without stainless steel rails (Drill-35ES, 35EV) - stable aluminium footplate with option of vacuum fixation (only Drill-35V, 35EV) - extremely robust and compact steel base for narrow positions (only Drill-35S, 35ES) - swivel feet prevent the forward overturning of the rig, even with mounted drill motor (only Drill-35S, 35V, 35ES) - motor quick release plate with eccentric shaft and operation by star handle - star handle mountable on the left or right side - leveling screws to compensate unevenness - with integrated spirit levels for precise mounting of the drill rig - tiltable without additional tools by more than 45° for inclined drilling - transport wheels serially - all essential fastening elements made of stainless steel BA-50 nominal voltage [V] 48 feed force [N] 4000 feed speed [m/min] 0 - 0,4 weight [kg] 3,5 Price [€] 1.800,00 Adapter for stands B-series [€] 198,00 Adapter for Drill-50 [€] 98,00