3 • Production facilities • Warehouses and storage buildings • Car parkings • Aviation hangars • Freight terminals • Entrance halls, stairs • Living premises • Shopping malls • Cinemas, schools, shops • Hotels, offices • Food industry estates • Hospitals and medical facilities Advantages of DRS-FLOOR LITHIUM against sodium and potassium: Functions of DRS-FLOOR concrete treatments: DRS-FLOOR LITHIUM–BASED CONCRETE TREATMENTS: DENSIFIERS/HARDENERS/SEALERS/CURINGS/COLORS Dr. Schulze GmbH presents a wide range of lithium-based concrete treatments for various applications: • Hardens the structure of the concrete • Protects the surface against wear • Increases the impact and compressive strength of concrete • Increases water, stain, oil and chemical repellence • Makes surface easy-to-clean • Improves the natural appearance • Prevents surface dusting • Decreases risk of micro-cracking DRS-FLOOR LITHIUM: • penetrates deep into the concrete • creates thick, hard and resistant layer on the concrete surface • doesn’t enter any reaction with water • doesn’t form salt debris after application or after contact with water • doesn’t require any salt cleaning procedure after application • Smallest atom size • Lowest viscosity • Lowest Alkalinity (slow and consistent reaction between lithium densifier and concrete)