PB 2022 Shot Blaster DSBM-250 DSBM-400

1 Version 01/2022 Price per piece, ex works. Our general conditions are valid. For articles marked with the conditions for machines are valid. - environment friendly process with minimal dust pollution - equal processing of large areas within shortest time - electrical feed with stepless adjustable driving speed - comfortable and easily accessible position of all control elements - fully automatic electro-pneumatic filter cleaning system - blasting wheel made of high strength alloy for long life - powder-coated components for long life SUMMARY: rubber and epoxy coatings, hard aggregate toppings, markings e.g. concrete floors as preparation for a new coating concrete surfaces, asphalt, stone, metals indoor and outdoor surfaces, sidewalks, roads Dr. Schulze GmbH Bollenberg 10 D-57234 Wilnsdorf Tel. +49 (0) 27 37 59 53-0 E-Mail: [email protected] www.dr-schulze.de | www.drs-floor.com DSBM-250 SBU DSBM-250 FU removal: roughening: cleaning: increase of slip resistance: Dr. Schulze GmbH presents a new line of innovative, completely in-house produced shot blasting machines!!!

2 Price per piece, ex works. Our general conditions are valid. For articles marked with the conditions for machines are valid. Shot blasting machines with closed circuit of blasting grit are designed for fast processing of large areas and therefore ideally suited for industrial buildings, roads, parking areas, runways, ship decks etc. The machine´s robust design ensures highest daily outputs while the ergonomic position of all control elements and the automatic feed guarantee fatigue-proof operation. The shot blasting machine consists of two main parts: a blaster and a filter unit. Our MB-620 allows fast and comfortable collecting of remaining shots from the floor. It saves shots, working time and improves the safety of the construction site. The blasting unit accelerates with high energy the blasting grit (usually steel balls) towards the floor surface and processes simultaneously the area corresponding to the size of the system´s working width. The quality of the processed floor and the blasting intensity depend on the amount of the abrasive grit and the feed speed of the blasting machine over the floor. While after its contact with the floor intact blasting grit automatically returns to the circuit, all remaining process waste (dust, damaged grit particles, removed material) gets into the full-automatic filter unit with integrated filter cleaning. In the filter unit the air is being cleaned and returned to the environment during processed waste is collected in a practical container, equipped with transport rollers. FUNCTION MAGNETIC BROOM MB-620 FOR SHOTS BLASTING UNIT FILTER UNIT DR. SCHULZE SHOT BLASTERS DSBM-250 SBU DSBM-400 FU

3 Price per piece, ex works. Our general conditions are valid. For articles marked with the conditions for machines are valid. The DSBM-250 is the first choice for medium size projects and achieves a blasting performance of over 80 m²/hour. It is equipped with a powerful 7,5 kW electric motor and stepless adjustable feed drive with turbo button for fast moving. The system includes the matching filter unit DSBM-250 FU, which contains an automatic filter cleaning system and achieves an air flow of 1620 m³/hour. DSBM-400 is the premium model among our shot blaster systems and is designed for large projects with surface performance of over 120 m²/hour. During the development of this system we have paid special attention to machine‘s reliability, low maintenance demand and the longest possible durability of all components. In this way, our customers achieve extremely low self-costs of their projects and can use the system for a long time without any interrupts. Due to the enormous airflow of 2280 m³/hour, the corresponding filter unit DSBM-400 FU guarantees almost absolute dust-freeness. SHOT BLASTER DSBM-250 SHOT BLASTER DSBM-400 DR. SCHULZE SHOT BLASTERS

4 Price per piece, ex works. Our general conditions are valid. For articles marked with the conditions for machines are valid. ARGUMENTS FOR DR. SCHULZE SHOT BLASTERS DSBM-250 DSBM-400 model DSBM-250 SBU DSBM-400 SBU working width [mm] 250 400 motor 7,5 kW; 400 V; 32 A 11,0 kW; 400 V; 32 A feed speed [m/min] 0 - 40 performance [m2/h] 80 120 shot reserve [kg] 20 30 length [mm] 1700 1800 width [mm] 400 570 height [mm] 1050 1200 weight [kg] 335 420 model DSBM-250 FU DSBM-400 FU motor 4 kW; 400 V; 32 A 5,5 kW; 400 V; 32 A max. air flow [m3/h] 1620 2280 filter type 5 cartridges 8 cartridges dust containers [l] 85 120 length [mm] 1600 2000 width [mm] 840 840 height [mm] 1260 1520 weight [kg] 285 480 price shot blaster incl. filter unit [€] 29.990,00 34.990,00 blasting shot S460 for concrete [€/ton] 2.960,00 magnetic broom MB-620 [€] 980,00 3 extremely high air pressure of 7,5 bar for the filter cleaning ensures a constant suction power 3 in DSBM-250 FU and DSBM-400 FU we use washable polyester filters, which can be used several times 3 DSBM-400 FU is equipped with high-quality, low-maintenance and much more powerful rotary compressor (compared to cheaper piston compressors) 3 LED light for illuminating of the surface to be shot blasted 3 particularly robust and reliable connection between the dosing lever for blasting grit and the blasting grit valve 3 turbo switch for the maximum feed speed directly at the steering handle for faster transportation and rapid reversing of the machine in curves 3 V-tower is equipped with a quick removable cover, which allows quick access to the inner parts of machine, ensuring simple and fast inspection and repair 3 extraordinary thickness of the blast armor (up to 12 mm) ensures a long lifetime of machine and low self-costs of projects