MetzgerMcGuire Katalog EN

8 Price per piece, ex works. Our general conditions are valid. For articles marked with the conditions for machines are valid. PRODUCT ADVANTAGES ACCESSORIES Advantages of Metzger/McGuire products over the conventional joint fillers and repair products in the market: - RAPID SETTING floor could be opened to traffic in less than an hour - FOR INDUSTRIAL CIRCUMSTANCES our polyureas provide the protection of joints in case of heavy traffic - HEAVY DUTY PRODUCTS higher shore hardness than other polyureas - COLORFAST most products are available in wide range of colors - IDEAL FOR POLISHED CONCRETE FLOORS these materials will not smudge or smear during grinding and polishing - ALL TEMPERATURES can be used in places even from 0°C up to +49°C (Spal-Pro 2000 from -29°C) - LOW VISCOSITY the structural polyurethane/polyurea hybrids‘ low viscosity allows penetration into the most narrow cracks (>1,0 mm) - LEGACY For 45+ years, Metzger/McGuire has been the unequaled leader in floor joint protection technology - ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCTS 100% solids systems, no VOC’s, no solvents Manual dispensing gun DCG-600 (mixing ratio 1:1) Telescopic scraper for removal of excessive material Automatic dual component gear pump DCDP (incl. 1:1 and 2:1 mixing kit) Manual dispensing gun DCG-900 (mixing ratio 2:1) - smooth & powerful High Thrust 26:1 Ratio Drive - Double Gripping Plates - increased durability by steel trigger - long tool life - fully automatic product dispension - saves up to 50% material costs - saves more than 50% labour costs